Washer / Dryer Repair

Washing drying your laundry using appliances is by far the most convenient way to do your laundry. Able to work quickly and in any weather, a working dryer and washing machine are indispensable to most households.

If your washing machine or dryer has developed faults, then get in touch with Edward’s Appliance Repair, the number one repair service in Elgin. At Edward’s our team is well-trained and uses cutting-edge equipment to repair all of the top dryer brands. Get in touch with us and we’ll make sure we dispatch an expert technician to your home on the same day, to ensure your dryer is repaired quickly.

Why is my Washing Machine or Dryer Broken?
There are many causes of dryer breakdown. Faults can be caused by damage to the thermal fuse, as well as the drum seal or the thermostat or heating element. The drum support rollers can also be at fault, as well as the belt or motor. If the dryer works using gas then the ignitor could be broken.

Washing machine failure can be caused by the pump or the drive motor, as well as the agitator cogs, the drive belt, inlet valve, or switches.

Washing Machine and dryer diagnosis can be quite complex, and often needs a voltage test. Therefore repairs should only be carried out by an experienced appliance repair technician.

Common Problems and the Repairs Needed

The Dryer won’t Start
If your dryer isn’t switching on, then it is likely there is a problem in the power supply. This is usually due to an issue with the switches, wiring, or the power outlet. If it isn’t this, then it could be a fuse or breaker. Check this first, before giving us a call.

The terminal block could be broken and will need to be replaced. The thermostat or door switch might need servicing too.

Noisy Dryer
Noises such as screeches or humming from the dryer are often caused by component wear. The wear could be to the glides of the drum, the blower wheel, the drum support roller, or even the main belt. These will all need replacement.

Dryer Fails to Heat
If your dryer refuses to heat up, then it is likely you have an airflow issue to deal with. You can try vacuuming out the air duct, but if this doesn’t work then a fuse may need replacing.

Replacements may need to be made to the heating element, the temperature switch, the timer, or the thermostat to resolve this issue.

Washing Machine Rumbles
A rumbling noise from your washing machine is caused by the drive motor or belt or the shock absorbers. You could also have a dirty impeller or motor.

Leaky Washing Machine
A faulty hose is the most likely cause of leaks. This can be cause the part has frayed or cracked and will need replacing. The pump can also cause leaks, as can the inlet valve.

The Washing Machine Won’t Spin
If your washing machine turns on but won’t spin, then you have a direct drive coupling failure to deal with. This will either need repairing or replacement.

Depending on your make and model of machine you could also have an issue with your doors’ switch magnet or the door lock assembly.

Considering Replacement
Washing machines and dryers can last around 13 years. However, after this time it is likely repairs will become more costly and more frequent. This is why we will be honest with you if we feel you are better off purchasing a new unit, and will not try to push you to undertake repairs which aren’t likely to last. We want you to have a dryer that works, and sometimes the only solution is a replacement.

No matter your dryer issue, Edward’s appliance repair can help. We have experienced technicians who can offer reliable and high-quality repairs that are speedy too! Call our team today!